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Arcos del Atascadero B&B
ESPAÑOL || ENGLISH Relax in confort at our B&B in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
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Our guests

If the guests at Arcos de Atascadero B&B fit a common profile it's this: adventure-loving, spirited, creative, with active senses of humor. We host dreamers, poets, writers, craftspersons, corporate managers, entrepeneurs, healthcare professionals, lawyers, doctors, computer technicians... the list goes on and on.

Guests Arcos del Atascadero B&B
Patricia and two guest at the Bed & Breakfast.
But, what our guests all have in common is that they either love San Miguel de Allende, Mexico or will shortly learn to love San Miguel-- the colors, the foods, the friendly people, the music, the quiet, the noise, the sun, the flowers, the cactus, the unique colonial era construction that marks San Miguel as a special place to travelers the world over.
Our guests enjoy healthy and light breakfasts: a mix of Mexican favorites like tamales and atole or scrambled eggs Mexican style, and American or Canadian traditionals-- cereal and milk, hotcakes, eggs, bacon, etc. Also, we always offer you plenty of fresh fruit that beyond bananas, oranges, cantaloupe, and apples, may include incredibly delicious chirimoyas (custard apples) directly from our own trees.

Breakfast Arcos del Atascadero B&B
A hearty breakfast before walking in San Miguel.

Booking at Arcos del Atascadero B&B
Guest from all over stay at Arcos de Atascadero.

There is always plenty of hot coffee or the revered Mexican herbal teas that have cured "what ails" you since the pre-Columbian time of the Aztecs and the Mayas.

Contact us today and forget about those unenthusiastic and impersonal San Miguel Allende hotels, enjoy a vacation at Arcos del Atascadero Bed & Breakfastin San Miguel de Allende!

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Atascadero 5
Barrio San Jose
San Miguel de Allende
Mexico, 37700

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